Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Scary stuff...I have a ~500-word paper proposal due tomorrow for my RIPPI class. Thanks to Charlie Lowe, I have a general topic--blogs and Creative Commons licenses. I haven't decided exactly what my research question is going to be yet, though. Here are possibilities:

  • Why are bloggers getting Creative Commons licenses?
  • How exactly is this helping the Web to remain/become a commons for free exchange of ideas and information?
  • And then the omnipresent So what? Why should rhetoricians care about bloggers who get Creative Commons licenses?
  • There's also a pedagogical direction I could take: For a class community blog, what kind of message is getting a Creative Commons license sending to the students? What are the implications for their understanding of intellectual property and plagiarism?

Eeeek, wish me luck as I scramble to get a proposal together by tomorrow. Oh, note to self: February 19th post.