Sunday, January 12, 2003

So, the winter break is almost over, and what do I have to show for it? Nothing, unless you count a few holiday pounds. Nothing personal against my family or anything, but three weeks is waaaaaaaaaay too long to be in my hometown. Between Christmas and New Year's Eve, my friends and I would go out to restaurants like Ricatoni's and see all kinds of people from high school who were also in town for the holidays, but now I think the semester at UNA has started back, because all I see now are young frat boys and sorority girls. It's so depressing . . . I feel like I've moved back here--or like I never left, and living in Minneapolis was just a dream. No! Snap out of it! You're only going to be here today and tomorrow, then back home . . . I wish I had been able to get more work done, gah. Speaking of which, I should get back to work on my syllabus. I think it will be better than last semester's. There are three more class meetings than last semester, so that will be good, I think--I'll probably do more workshopping with the research paper, especially the literature review part. More time for peer review too. Since my syllabus is in html, I'm going to put some external links in it. Last semester I ended up assigning some Web reading, especially some of the resources from online writing centers on how to write a research prospectus, annotated bibliography, etc.

Oh my gosh, [grin] I just looked up my sections of 1101 in the UMN system, and in my 8:45-10:00 class, there are only nine students enrolled. Sounds like the students are just as reluctant as I am to get up in the morning. My 10:15-11:30 is full, though. How am I going to do it--wake up sooooo early on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, get on the bus, and wait for the bus during the coldest part of the day in the coldest part of the year, in Minnesota no less?! Sigh--it's only two days a week, I keep telling myself, and I'm as robust as it gets, with red-hot lava in my bones. I guess I'll save my coolest outfits, accessories, and hairstyle ideas for those days, so that I can get excited about the possibility of looking fabulous and conquering the world! Hahaha. Then I'll drink lots of coffee, so much that I'm wired and exciting when I get into the classroom, and I'll tell myself that my students adore me and that they look forward to coming to my class. I'll be worth waking up for. I'll be the most helpful, inspiring teacher ever. [/pep talk to self]

Only two more days, and this day is almost over! Must get back to MN . . .