Wednesday, January 08, 2003

I feel so awful for neglecting my blog(s) all this time! I've had to come to the public library to get on the Internet, though, so it hasn't been as convenient. Today I've been catching up on email and other online stuff, and the library closes at 7:00, so they're about to kick me out. Tomorrow I'm going to come here again and post in more detail about what I've been doing over the break. Prepare yourself for True Confessions; I've been one lazy panty-waste during this break, watching E! True Hollywood Stories all the time, stuff like that. When I'm home, my brain turns to Jell-O. I did read one novel, Michael Cunningham's The Hours, and wow, it was wonderful. The movie comes out on the 17th, and I want to see it, but it could NEVER do the book justice. I saw the movies Maid in Manhattan, Star Trek: Nemesis, Minority Report, and Wonder Boys--comments on all of those tomorrow. I've eaten some good soul food, but I'm going to get a lot more in before I leave on Monday (technically Tuesday, but I'll be back in MN before noon on Tuesday). Spent some time outside today . . . very nice, as the weather has been in the lower 60s every day I've been here. That's okay and all, but it's January, and I get global warming anxiety when it feels like this. I ate some barbecue--which in the South means pulled pork, vinegary slaw, and hot sauce between two hamburger buns--and went to the dentist for a 6-month checkup. My teeth are in good shape. Okay, they're starting to make those "The library will close in 10 minutes" announcements, and I'm starting to get stressed about EVERYTHING I'm going to have to do next semester--conference presentations, teaching, taking 3 classes(!), so I'm going to take off. One thing before I go--I'll hopefully be keeping my Rhetoric 8012 journal as a blog. Here it is if you want to see the first post. I thought if other people want to do it, we could blogroll each other to make it nice and navigable.