Saturday, December 28, 2002

Sigh--I think my head cold has turned into a chest cold. I have a little cough, ugh. So today is my good friend Andrea's 29th birthday. Every year we go to see a movie on her birthday, and it's usualy a romantic comedy. Last year it was Kate and Leopold. The year before that it was What Women Want. This year it will most likely either be Maid in Manhattan or Two Weeks Notice. Oooh, and I had some yummy Waffle House late Christmas night! I had a bacon, egg, & cheese sandwich, hash browns scattered, smothered, covered, and peppered, and cheese grits. So very good. Tuesday I'll probably go to the Hollywood Inn (a soul food restaurant) and have some fried chicken, collard greens, yams, baked macaroni & cheese, and cornbread. For now, I need to get going. I'm having a pretty good time here and all, but I really miss the Twin Cities and everyone there.