Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Okay, so here is a presentation I did tonight for my Technical Communication as Cultural Practice class (which is the skeleton for my seminar paper). I don't know PowerPoint, so I did this little Web-based presentation. If you look at the screens, you'll get the jist of it, I hope, but since you didn't hear my talk, not all the context is there. Feedback is appreciated.

I still have a good bit more reading and research to do on this topic . . . I know it's not as fleshed out right now as it should be. I mean, I know that any topic you apply cultural studies methodology to--which we're doing in this class--is necessarily wide in scope. If I were exploring every angle of this, I might do more historical background, like a history of publishing from Gutenberg to the present day, and I would probably have a big section on history of copyright and intellectual property, but I have to limit my study somewhat. Also posted on Kairosnews.