Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Here I am, amazed to have made it through another day. Tomorrow--technically today--is going to be a bear. I have to do a presentation for my Technical Communication as Cultural Practice class. I have this grandiose idea in mind: I've never done a PowerPoint presentation, but I've created quite a few Web sites in my day. So I'm going to create a site that has parts of my paper in one-screen-at-a-time chunks. Then I'll have a link at the bottom of each screen with the word "Next" or something like that. The groovin' part of this idea is that I can have both internal and external links in the presentation--in other words, I can link to sites that I want people to see as part of my presentation, like, Kairos, and Kairosnews. I will, of course, post a link to the presentation here as soon as I get finished with it so that you all can point at me and laugh hysterically. Oh, now I'm hearing Piper Laurie's voice in the movie Carrie: "They're all gonna laugh at you! They're all gonna laugh at you! They're all gonna laugh at you!" Okay, it must be time for bed if I'm hearing that kind of voice in my head.