Saturday, December 07, 2002

Aaargh, I haven't gotten much at all done today. I had a terrible migraine and took one Aleve, nothing happened, and a few hours later took three Tylenol. My head still doesn't feel okay, but I'm not in a great deal of pain. So, I'm thinking about my paper for the Technical Communication as Cultural Practice class. I wanted to write about blogs and their place in the scholarly publishing world, but I'm finding no sources on that at all (obviously). I'm going to write about electronic journals instead (using Kairos as a basic focal point/case study), with probably a section at the end about blogs. I need to send an email out to the TechRhet listserv and the Kairos staff listserv to see what I can find out from them. I want to ask questions like:

  • What is your institution's attitude toward the work you do for Kairos? Do you feel that they are supportive of it?
  • Do you have tenure? If so, was your work for Kairos a "selling point" for your tenure review committee?
  • Does an article in Kairos carry as much cache on a C.V. as one in, say, JAC or CCC?
  • How would you characterize electronic publishing's status in academia?
These questions are, of course, not well refined yet, but it's a start. I hope there won't be IRB problems associated with this informal questionnaire. I don't plan on using real names unless I have permission.