Friday, November 29, 2002

So, the University of Minnesota is having AIDS awareness week. I think that's great and all, but when I looked at what exactly that entails, I was disappointed that no one's coming to the Student Centers to conduct HIV testing. Where I went to undergrad, the University of North Alabama, community outreach workers from the AIDS Action Coalition would come to the student center every semester and provide free HIV testing. They still do; a very good friend of mine works for them. They don't even need to take blood anymore, only cheek cells (I think). It was great because groups of friends would go and get tested together, which helped people who were afraid to go and get tested. Susie would go and get tested if Janie, Phoebe, and Jenna did it too. Plus, the AAC representatives, with their friendly, breezy manner, take a lot of the stress out of it by having this attitude like, hey, get tested! It's healthy to detect this early if you are positive, and we'll give you a lot of assistance if you are. If you're not, you'll be happy to know for sure that you're negative. They make it feel like not a death sentence.