Saturday, November 23, 2002

Okay, so I decided to try this Googlism thing:

Googlism for: clancy

clancy is for imho _
clancy is a bargain
clancy is a leader 09/27/01
clancy is president and ceo of the community builders
clancy is quiet
clancy is not one of us
clancy is for imho _
clancy is a new media artist
clancy is an accomplished computer writer
clancy is the heartwarming
clancy is a tough
clancy is similarly ruggedly built
clancy is an anchor and correspondent for cnn international
clancy is fascinated with stalin's question
clancy is so well plugged in to those scenes
clancy is the author of numerous #1 bestselling novels including rainbow six
clancy is an action writer of
clancy is getting a divorce and the 'cardinal of kremlin' movie project is finally moving along
clancy is getting a divorce for his
clancy is being put to work by the minnesota pollution control agency
clancy is the best by mdelcorso
clancy is back
clancy is an integral part of the mpca's mercury
clancy is a black
clancy is the epitome of a "bad dog"
clancy is the best there is"
clancy is set to start shooting a role in the hbo film
clancy is also on the front page of bravotv
clancy is in his fourth year as a starting forward
clancy is not really a writer
clancy is in no way connected with the creation
clancy is
clancy is the daughter of bobby of the clancy brothers
clancy is now a senior citizen in doggy years
clancy is bound for the place where his most nightmarish fiction became a reality
clancy is prophetic in this book
clancy is so all
clancy is a leader
clancy is a
clancy is going to buy the minnesota vikings
clancy is not
clancy is the artistic director of the new york international fringe festival
clancy is responding to in the post
clancy is regarded as one of the world's best techno
clancy is the cia's most famous fan
clancy is the best author i have ever read
clancy is like a mouthful of
clancy is well
clancy is a militaristic fanatic who should have been an ai personality in sid meier?s civilization 3
clancy is an internist who has directed ahrq's center for outcomes and effectiveness research
clancy is a general internist and health services researcher
clancy is in her sixth year as a member of the board of the belmont
clancy is the director of the wallace institute for alternative agriculture
clancy is ireland's largest traditional music summer school
clancy is also one of the few writers who unerringly tends to “carry forward” many characters from one book to another and that helps a regular clancy
clancy is a fully paid up member of the hollywood whore's club
clancy is the chairman of red storm entertainment
clancy is the national president of the 325
clancy is the president of the national union of public and general employees
clancy is in the office late some nights because during the day he takes time to work with writers in his own section
clancy is a co
clancy is the only dog in the us trained to detect mercury spills
clancy is like a good teacher
clancy is a one
clancy is from the baltimore orioles 2001 media guide
clancy is comin’ to our ‘ouse tonight
clancy is outstanding
clancy is often called upon as a coach with national and international choral groups
clancy is the first woman to head a school in the college
clancy is involved with numerous professional organizations
clancy is the new york times #1 bestselling author of the extraordinary new jack ryan novel
clancy is very good at leaving his readers in suspense i think that he does that way to much in this book
clancy is an abnormally large shetland sheepdog
clancy is one of those college professors you look forward to listening to
clancy is reported to be the highest
clancy is interested in professionalism
clancy is a real estate professional with prudential nw properties located in gresham
clancy is usually typed as a 6w5
clancy is involved in the biology club and is working to bring to uca a workshop that attempts to get junior high school girls involved in the fields of
clancy is not entirely dependent upon advisers to plot his career strategy
clancy is stuffed with polyfill
clancy is close to signing a $45m
clancy is a long
clancy is not a us citizen
clancy is to be applauded
clancy is one of the full metal critic's favorite authors

How interesting that there are actually female pronouns associated with my name sometimes on this. It's traditionally a male name.