Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I have a paper to write that is due Friday for my Gender in Science and Technology class. It's no big deal, just a response paper on the reading we've been doing lately for the class...4-5 pages double-spaced, nothing I can't handle. The books include Feminism and the Body, which is a collection of essays edited by Londa Schiebinger, and Out of the Dead House: Nineteenth-Century Women Physicians and the Writing of Medicine by Susan Wells. I'm planning on mostly using essays from Feminism and the Body but bringing in a little bit of Wells, because I'm interested in exploring the question of why it is important for feminists to study the body. I must admit, at first I thought people did body studies because they thought it was interesting--for the cool factor, if you will. But now, after doing more reading in body studies, I realize that science and the body have been used to justify white patriarchy, and that by studying how scientists and philosophers have theorized the body, feminists can undo body assumptions.

I'm officially excited: this story about blogging appeared in the Minnesota Daily today. Thanks to Patricia Drey for writing a great story!