Sunday, March 23, 2003

Barbie has a new friend, "Nolee," who is apparently "the smart one," but not bookish or anything unglamorous like that. Barbie says, "She knows so many random facts. It's not like she's a bookworm, just really smart. And she says she's building her own website! Should be up and running soon. Can’t wait to check it out." That wouldn't be because a new doll is coming out, now would it?

One more thing. Being in NYC made me think about this. George W. Bush has basically said that we have to attack Iraq because their leader, Saddam Hussein, is endangering the health and safety of its citizens. Ironic, isn't it?

Yawn. I'm so wiped out! I got back from New York City late last night, where I presented a paper at the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Today I've been so exhausted that no amount of caffeine has helped. Tomorrow, another week starts, and I had no break at all. Getting plenty of sleep last night didn't help, so I'll have to try again tonight. At least my feet are feeling better though. I did a ton of walking in not-so-sensible shoes on concrete, and my feet were hurting so badly that I felt like the pain was affecting the way I interacted with people; all my energy was going down to my feet. Note to self: Do a foot spa soon. Sigh--must get back to work.