Friday, April 25, 2003

I'm so stressed. :-( I'm afraid I might collapse. Not really, but I am pretty loaded with work right now. Right after the semester's over, I'll have to hop in my car and take off to go to Computers & Writing and present a paper I haven't written yet. I have to write my three big seminar papers first! Aaaaaaaaa! Then it's on to Florence, AL for two weeks, then back here to the Twin Cities to focus completely on course design and syllabus for the class I'm teaching this summer, Rhetoric 3562, Technical and Professional Writing. I'm also most likely going to be moving into a new apartment in June or July too. Does it ever stop?! I'm going to have to find some time this summer to get a start on the TONS AND TONS of reading I'll be assigned in my fall classes.

The fall...I have high hopes for it. I'll be taking Feminist Theories and Methods, Genre Theory, and Feminist Pedagogies. I'll also be teaching a special multicultural section of Rhetoric 1101, which is part of the SEAM program. In my Feminist Pedagogies class, we'll be reading a lot of Paulo Freire, bell hooks, and stuff like that, and so I'm looking forward to some cool confluence between pedagogical theory and practice. Well, must get back to work on this Friday night.