Wednesday, April 30, 2003

7 May 2003 again: Okay, now not only do I hate Blogger and blog*spot, I also hate easyDNS. I took Paul's advice and went with GKG, where I bought and I think that the main one I'll give to people will be, and will be a mirror site. will be parked at easyDNS. Whatever. Sorry for yet another change, but the URL is now...

7 May 2003: Did I happen to mention that Blogger and blog*spot are both horrible? I'm just going to keep editing this post as if I'm writing new posts, so that they will all show up!!!

Best show you're probably not watching: Platinum. It's awesome! WATCH IT!!!

Please give me suggestions for a domain name if you have them. I'm thinking about keeping cyborg woman (, but I'm not sure. My name is way too hard for most people to spell, especially if they just hear it. I want the domain name to sound somewhat professional, as I will put my teaching materials, curriculum vitae, etc. there. **Update: I have a domain name now: Please, if you have me blogrolled or bookmarked, update the URL. I'm going to be blogging there from now on, and my target date for getting my new Drupal blog going is June 1 (but it could be sooner!).