Monday, March 17, 2003

Mmmm, I have had the best morning! Since I broke my roommate's carafe that came with her coffee maker (I swear, you just tap that thing ever-so-gently against the side of the sink while washing it, and it breaks!!), plus I have no milk or half-n-half anyway, I decided to walk to the Dunn Brothers coffeeshop, which is five blocks away, and treat myself to some GOOD coffee. I got a 20-ounce New Guinea Full City roast and an apricot scone, which was SO. GOOD. While there, I got a nice chunk of reading done. Then, on the walk back, I saw the CUTEST calico cat in someone's yard. I walked into the yard, squatted down, and called the cat. He or she came over and nuzzled me for a little while. Then I started walking again and saw, on the ground, a stick that looked like "Mr. Pointy" from this one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I picked it up and pretended I was Buffy for a minute, then came back here. I hope the rest of my day will be this nice!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!