Sunday, December 08, 2002

Hey fellow Ph.D. students, look at this. It's, "a non-profit initiative to bring together PhD students' weblogs from all around the world." I wonder if you can stay registered with the site after you get your Ph.D.? There are only 13 blogs registered right now; readers, you should get in on it! I registered and, after filling out their form, got a page that said my blog is subject to approval. Hope they like it!

Blogging from the library again, heh. Tonight I came here to find a couple of books I need for my Research Methods final project proposal. I found one, The Lenses of Gender by Sandra Bem, but must go to Magrath Library for the other two books I need. Of course I looked around the shelves and found two other cool-seeming books, Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud by Laqueur and The Gender Reader, edited by Gary Olson and Evelyn Ashton-Jones. More play-by-play stressing from me soon!

Elizabeth Lane Lawley and some others are putting together a proposal for a grant from NSF about blogging! I really want to be in on this. It's an international collaboration, and these scholars are looking at blogging from several different perspectives. More on this later.

Blog resource: I just want this link to be here so I can get to it; this is kind of like a blog bookmark.