Saturday, November 30, 2002

This is my blogchalk: United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Dinkytown, English, French, Clancy, Female, 26-30, feminism, rhetoric. :) Thanks to Laurie of Memex for the link to BlogChalking.

Oooh, oooh! I want the new CD by The Roots. They played on Conan O'Brien last night and sounded awesome. I like that Missy Elliot song "Work It" too. I have such all-over-the-place taste in music, but genres I tend to like consistently are jazz, blues, and hip-hop. Indie snobs drive me nuts, and bands like Silver Jews and Blonde Redhead make me so miserable I want to injure myself just so that the pain could take my mind off the cacophony. Hey, I just remembered I want the Pizzicato Five album Made in USA. Love it!

Posting today from the library . . . I'm trying to haul around about 20 books for research on 3 papers. I wish I could run into one or a few of my students right now, so that they can see how easy they really have it! grin. I hope I can get those interlibrary loan books in time for the paper. WHY do I not anticipate situations like this?! I should have been ordering interlibrary loan materials 3 weeks ago. :-( Oh well, it's not like my whole paper depends on these particular books, but it's nice to have as many choices as possible when selecting sources for papers. But hey! I should be congratulating myself because ONE of the papers I'm gathering sources for is not "due" until March! It's the paper I'm presenting at the Conference on College Composition and Communication titled "Looking to Lorde and Daly: When It's Not Okay to Be Silent in Feminist Rhetorical Theory."